1st INTERNATIONAL ENERGY CONGRESSTechnological, Economic and Social Dimensions of Energy

16-18 March 2023, İstanbul / Turkey


Some of the most fundamental agendas of the last century we are in is supply-side energy scarcity and energy supply security in the world. When the effect of emerging markets phenomenon is added to these energy insufficiency and security phenomena, the demand-side pressure on energy needs increases the severity of the need. These pressures drag especially the countries with insufficient energy sources into bottlenecks. Therefore, the energy problem is constantly kept on the agenda by different institutions of different countries, and solutions are sought by developing interdisciplinary approaches.

The main theme of the 1st International Energy Congress to be held in Istanbul by Nisantasi University Faculty of Engineering and Architecture and Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences is to analyze the effect of energy’s technology, economy, and social dimensions on social wealth and is to reveal the opportunities created by technological change. In IEC – İstanbul 2022, it is aimed to evaluate technological, economic, and financial data in terms of accessible and renewable energy sources, considering the transformation processes, and to provide an ideal academic platform for researchers in the light of the latest developments.  In other words, in this congress, the research findings of scientists and field professionals, new ideas developed, and new technological applications developed will be discussed in an organizational activity, and scientific studies working under different disciplines will be brought together; in addition to contributing to the national and international scientific publication pool, the ground will be created to help policymakers develop strategies.


Prof. Dr. Recep KÖK 

Congress Chairman

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